The Art of Tithing: My Story


There was a light, soft, still voice in the back of my mind, telling me to tithe. For the longest time I have not been tithing like I should. Reason ; I’m not sure, maybe it’s because I begin to see tithing like it was a burden, thinking that I have to rather than having the heart to freely give.

I always wanted to give my portion but paying bills and trying to learn to budget got the best of me.

Now in the middle of all the chaos in my mind about allocating every dollar, I finally allowed myself to be lead by God to begin in implementing tithing.

The start of the giving mindset:

I looked into my budget planner and wrote in tithe first then I listed all I needed to pay on that particular pay period. As of this moment, I fell short on rent, my electric bill is so far behind to the point where I owed $1,500, and my auto payment is behind to. So you see, I could decide to not pay tithe and send money to any of these companies but if I do that. I would be disobeying the lord.

So I continued my first steps in tithing and that is to have the mindset to do so. I praised God for all he done for me and all he is going to do.

Even though I might be short on money, I decided to go ahead with cooking some food and handing them out to a few handful of the homeless people in our area. My daughter had previously put together what she called care packages. She wanted to hand them out, to. I surely didn’t want her to think that I was selfish or anything.

What happened in the planning stages

As the days, came closer to payday, I began to call a few companies and take care of business. I learned that even in the planning process of tithing, God worked some things out for me. This was a huge motivation for me to tithe. oh my lord is genuinely and profoundly awesome. I praised the lord with a lot voice.

You see, when tithing begins, you are literally working in faith. A minister in the gospel shared during preaching (when sharing a message from God) that 100% equals (is the same as) your way but 90% equals God’s way (moving with God). Meaning when you tithe, you make God first.

In all your tithing, make it non-negotiatable. What is tithing, you say!

Tithing is the first fruit of all your increase (what you earned) subtracting 10 percent of it. Then giving that 10 percent to the body of Christ. While doing so, you give with joy, for God loves a joyful giver. When giving you are literally saying, “you want to trust God”.

My findings of Joy

I find that giving to a person in need or giving “to just give” brings so much unspeakable joy. This joy comes from deep down the pit of your stomach and bursts to the outward of your being. Everything and everyone feels this unspeakable joy. People wonder why your happy.

Tithing to me is making a covenant with the lord. I am literally saying, I am putting my whole trust in the lord like never before. With my entire being and my spirit. Like the promise my husband and I made to each other, we vowed to stay together in sickness and in health, in our ups and downs, and for richer and for poor.

In the same way, making a covenant between you and God,