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Instill faith in your child
Scriptures I used to help my Teen

For a while I been thinking “how am I going to connect better with my daughter”. This was before entering her high school years. I knew that when in high school, she would be different due to peer pressures.


I wanted to connect with her in a way that she would be strong in her will to be able to stand against the things coming a head of her, especially during high school.

I felt the desire to simply start by being with my daughter, such as cooking with her, making a chik-flik night. Spending time with her daily has been the most richest heart warming experience ever. I found myself giving her hugs like never before.

We talked all the time, which helped her see where I stand on certain things. Just knowing that she is willing to be open about her feelings was a miracle to me. Learning to hear her out and exercising patience was a bit of a challenge for me.

I know as a mom, we are suppose to know how to listen and hear what our child is saying, even when what they are talking about is annoying. But I thank God that he gave me the strength to be humbled and sit, hear, learn.


Just listening to every word when she spoke help me see and hear exactly how her mind worked. I soon began to share scriptures with her. Telling her what God is saying to her. Such things like “she is more precious than rubies”. That these rubies are the most rarest gem stones on earth and is far more valued than diamonds.

And because she is precious, I told her just how much God loves her. That he will lead her by her hand and never forsake her. He would always be there during her happy times and even during her sad times.

As time went on, she began to build her confidence in herself that God is with her. Her academic struggles began to be more achievable than ever. Of coarse this all took a little time and I am thankful that God showed up.

Here is a printable I created, you can print it, frame it, and share it. I hope you find it helpful.