Helping you create an awesome blog

Starting a blog was never on my mind until one day I saw Mrs. Whitford’s video on Facebook. It was a simple video of her and her daughter in a city. The video was very genuine, real, and fun to watch. She made it clear that starting a small blog is easy, even when you don’t know technical stuff about website building.

When thinking about a website, it seems like it’s too much but really it isn’t. Taking baby steps, day by day and little by little, until you get the hang of blogging at a regular pace. You begin to think of post ideas about what you want to share.

Speaking of sharing!

Blogging is simply sharing what you learnt and love doing. You can even blog about family life, trips you’ve taken, or even crafts you’ve made.

You could share life on a ranch, life on the Rez. and even homeschooling your children. So many ideas. 

Anything your heart desires. Blogging is a way to share many more stories and collaborate with other people who maybe in the same niche as yours. Many possibilities for you to start your very own website. I can share with you, a few steps to begin. 

ok! Lets get started shall we.

First steps to begin your new blog!

The first thing to do is right down what your passionate about. This could be anything such as fashion, cleaning, health and wealth, decluttering, and more. Whatever you love to talk about for hours.

Second, jot down some blog names you would like to call your website (blog). Make sure it’s cute, creative, and unique.

Third, decide on a domain name. Domain name is a name you will call your website. It will be one-time decision so please take your time to decide on one.

Fourth, Choose on a hosting plan. A hosting plan is where you will create a home for your website. A home in cyber space just for you.

What I use on my blog

I currently use Site Ground. I love them, they are awesome. They keep your website running smooth, fast response time, they can help you with everything and anything.

On Site Ground, you can choose from three different hosting plans. They are Start up, Grow big, or Go geek.

Fifth, install WordPress onto your new domain.

Sixth, after installing WordPress, log into your blog then

Seventh, you will now install a theme. There are so many free themes you can choose from. Lastly, begin writing your first post.

I should tell you that I didn’t learn all of this on my own. With a mentor along the way, Suzi from “start a mom blog”, I was able to do all that I created. I learnt all I needed to know from her. She gives specific step by step and click by click instructions on how to start your own blog. She has so many different tactics and strategies on monetization, as well. I recommend Suzi to help you with the rest of the way.

Here is my link to her blog. (I should let you know that this is my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you).

Furthermore! There will be a huge Ultimate Bundle Flash Sale coming out in August 15-16, 2019. Its called Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2019. (link will be available soon)

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