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Reasons My Dineh People Should Menu Plan


Many Dineh people do not plan out their meals. I remember as I was growing up, my mother always made what she knew she had. The thing was, we never ran out of food at anytime. Its just that menu planning was not ever spoken of. My mother took preparing meals one day at a time. But on some occasions, she planned our meal. Special days like birthdays, picnics, trips, camping, events, and even when she knew we were going to have visits over for dinner.

Mom always used what she had on hand first. This is something many bloggers and youTube moms share. I think moms of all ages knew this concept already way before we were ever born. Way to go moms!

Native American Favorites

We, Native Americans, love to eat fried potatoes with either spam or ground beef, cooked with onions, bell peppers, and side with nice golden crispy deep fried bread or maybe even hot Navajo tortillas. Hmm! Right? BUT!! That is no good if you over eat or eat it on a daily basis.

Especially if we don’t exercise. We call this the Sheep-herder’s Special. Maybe its because “its the go-to meal and/or sandwich” any Dineh can have while out doing a hard days work. Even herding the sheep is work to most Dineh Peoples.

AS a child

I was always around my grandparents as I was growing up. My grandma herds the sheep daily down to the river. My grandparents didn’t have running water and anything else to distribute water to the sheep. It is our way of life and we enjoyed doing it. Not hardship just what we do to stay busy, sort of like, our daily chores. But I sure enjoyed my days with my grandma.
We would ride a horse while herding the sheep. We always had picnic lunches sitting under a tree with our soda pop in one hand and a big sandwich in the other. Its a memory I will never forget.
Now that I’m older and have gained weight.

Making personal changes

So, I made some changes in my little life. I made a goal to walk at-least three times a week and stop taking seconds during dinner times. Do more baking, slow cooking, grilling, and put together simple light foods for dinner.

My honey bun (husband) loves fried foods, especially chicken. He will not eat baked chicken unless its cooked right to the bone. Because he has seen a lot of baked chickens not cooked right, still red near the bone. He prefers grilled barbequed chicken over baked. Which is just fine for me, but I hate the smell of smoke, I’m allergic to smoke.

Smoke from a grill is such a small thing compared to eating better. Besides I love grilled chicken to. Just one of the little sacrifices’ I make when it comes to cooking.

Stress is not always our friend, as a matter of fact, stress is the opposite. If stress isn't handle or dealt with correctly, it could easily promote you to eat. Not eating or sleeping at the good number of hours can also effect your slimming down efforts. I hear you end up gaining more weight.

Back to my changes

As much as I love my native foods, I still have to watch the amount I eat. Its now 2019 and am still quit heavy. I have a donut roll I need to get RID of. Hmm! trying to think just how I'm gonna start. Just getting started is the largest obstacle I have to hurdle over then it'll probably get easier.

Another change I will need to make is creating a small garden. I'm not sure if I can grow plants but its worth a try. The plants I thought about growing are the herbs; mint, basil, thyme, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, and maybe corn. Or I could only plant the ones I use most often. This means I'd be saving some money to.

Go here to see how I started menu planning. 

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