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Family Reunion 2016

How I started a Family Reunion


Starting a family reunion was both fun and some what educational becuase I learnt I needed to find ways to communicate with family who didn’t have phones or emails. For the pass few years I have been the reunion planner or director. I can tell you that I have not been very good at it. Improvements are great needed. 

I started a family reunion event back in 2012, if I can recall the exact date. Anyway, I started by rolling the idea around, posting it on Facebook, asking family what they thought about the idea of getting all of our family members together and celebrate FAMILY.

To my surprise, everyone thought the idea was awesome. Now, just getting the word out was going to be a challenge but that turned out to be surprisingly easy. Just mention meeting and food, you got them hooked. (Just kidding)

After talking about the event with family who have social media connections such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. The word about the reunion was getting around much faster. I believe the first meeting was held at Aunt Veva’s house.  (course I dont recall right now) But anyway!

That meeting was the stepping stone to all of our Family Reunions today. We decided to have our event every two years from then on.

One thing I lacked in planning:

Communication from me to everyone else was very week. The only way I was able to send out any thing was using our family FB page. My mom kept telling me, “people always want to hear things in person. You would need to be here to talk about the reunion”.

The thing about “being in person” was I lived about 700 miles away. Driving home every time I need to speak was not an option. I decided to take another way to communicate with family by creating a FB events page off our current family page. Things were a lot easier and faster. I had to trust each person to convey the messages to other family members who do not have internet or phones.

When I said communication was my problem, I meant that I did not communicate enough. Everybody knows communicating all things with family is key but I just didn’t do all that. I’m not sure why but I still wanted to try to get everyone together.

How we raised money

We needed to begin raising money for the reunion. No body is going to pay for everything, so we talked about ways to raise money for food, plates and cutlery, items for activities, and more. 

Since some family members live far and near, the ones who live far, needed to save money to help pay for fuel and other travel expenses. Raising money was the best way to try to get family home. Everyone needed to raise money or save money for their travels and helping with food at the vent. 

Fundraising Ideas were:

  • Bake Sales
  • Meal Sales
  • On-line Auctions
  • Donations
  • Yard sales

Forming a Committee

We had a planning committee, who helped organized the event. One person took care of the Finance- handles money and bookkeeping. Another person took care of the food – handles variety of foods, setting, and searches; if in restaurant, reservations and more. We also had a person for Activities; this person takes care of all exciting things to do with everyone. 

In concluding my story how I started a Family Reunion event, I am working on my communication skills by going live on FB and saying so. I had also created a landing page for my family to signup and share their email addresses. This is for email communications. Hmm! I think I’m doing ok. 

Stay Tuned for more on Family Reunions in the future, better yet signup for email notifications in the side column. 


Thank you!