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Lessons I learned Herding Sheep: Simple and Clear

Herding Sheep with  Masaani

I had previously written a post about my Masani (grandma). How I spent some summers with her and the nature of what a day would be. This post is somewhat similar but with a much more lesson learn type of story. A few lessons I learned while herding sheep.

Spending my summers with my grandparents was always a treat. Masani and I would herd the sheep down to the river everyday to keep them fed. After having breakfast and letting the sheep out of the corral, we always need to finish up our morning chores. We do this, I to let the goats and sheep journey on ahead of us. We can catchup with them later.

Masani would have finished up inside as I make my way to the horses. Sometimes they stay inside the stall but other times I would have to search them out. Masani had two horses, one named Red Horse and the other White Horse. We would only use one of the horses because I always liked sitting on the horse with grandma at the time. I never had to search too far, the horses always conveniently stayed near home. Uh! That’s what I loved about them.

I learned that if you wanted to keep the horses nearby while letting them out free, I would have to tie their two front hoofs together. This will cause them to hop on the front hoofs making it impossible to bolt and run off. Hmm! Nice! Any hoo, getting them and walking back to the corral was easy. Made me look like a pro.

Caught up

Finally we catch up to the goats and sheep. As usual they aren’t too far. Masani and I let them graze for a while. In the meantime, we would do something to keep busy, grandma always wants to nap while I keep an eye out. She would tell me to wake her up when the sheep are no longer in site. AS for me, I play with toys like Barbie dolls or either read a book. Masani always brought a long a radio. She would have it on everyday, tuned to Navajo station for some native news.

Me Time

During this little me time, I always let my imagination run. One of my imagination was when I imagined I was a horse. I was a majestic White horse. This horse had fur like a white robe, very soft and fluffy. She was a horse who took care of her land, friends, family, and everything on it. When there was an intruder to the land, she would do what ever it took to keep the family safe. She would always be free to roam, racing across the desert with no one holding her back. I told myself I want to be free like that horse in my imagination.

Little did I know, I am FREE like that horse in my imagination. When I say I am FREE, I’m not talking about being single, I’m talking about being FREE in Christ Jesus. Becuase in his word says, “Whom the son sets free is free indeed”. I thank God he set me FREE. Free from all my sins, things I said and done wrong. I never knew that a God like him can set anyone free. Now I feel like I am running a race like that majestic white horse and this race is to reach heaven’s gates, then marching in with all the saints of God.

Sheep Gone Far

Ok, I think the sheep and goats have gone too far off. (ha, ha) Time to wake up Masani. Some times when we catch up to the sheep, they are grazing peacefully on the desert grass. But then, other times, we see a goat in the center front of all, leading, doing nothing but walking rapidly, as if she is rushing late to an appointment. Others following close behind her walking fast.

Then, you also see other sheep and goats falling behind. They would be left behind if the goat keeps going on. In order to slow her down and have others catch up. Masani would call to them immediately. I am so, wowed! about how they know her calling, she’d give two distinct shout out load enough for the herd to hear and make them obey.

When this happens, the middle herd would immediately turn left which slows down the entire herd. I remember, the lead goat would be in surprise that no one is following anymore. She’d be looking around then assume to follow, lead no more. I’d be watching with an aww! Lastly, a warm smile surfaces on my chizhy face.

Today, in the body of Christ, seems like we go too far ahead and forget to slow down for those who are babes in Christ. We get too judge mental, forgetting that we are a child of God, that we to should show mercy to those who need mercy. Then, water that seed that’s been planted in the hearts of man, help babes in Christ grow.

Grandma’s shout out

When I think about the time my grandma gave a shout out to the whole flock of sheep and goats, then the herd turned to the left, once they heard their master call to them. I remember the time in scripture where God said, “my sheep know my voice”. (John 10:27) I wonder if the children of God really do hear the voice of God calling to them.

I, myself, never knew I could ever hear God’s voice. I didn’t know that he could talk and if he did, what does his voice sound like? Hearing God’s voice with my own ears was not what I ever thought would happen to me. That’s until we came to a church called Holy Ghost Filled Baptist Church of Miracles. It was at this church, we learned how to hear God’s voice.

In the past, I remember hearing pastors say to the people, “You have to hear what God is saying to you.” “Learn how to hear his voice.” Pastors say these things but don’t really get down and teach the people exactly how to hear God’s voice. There are many who do not know how to hear his voice.

Pastor Coleman said “You should be able to distinguish your own thoughts verses God’s thoughts.” “You should be able to know when its your own thoughts at work.” I began to say to myself, “Don’t I know when its me thinking, how could I not know?” (arrogantly speaking) This was one of the questions I had. In order to hear God I needed to be apart of his flock and have him as my shepherd.

Like any flock of sheep, there has to be a shepherd.

To Be Contued…