The Beginners Guide to put on the Whole Armor of God


Being a child of God is such an adventure becuase you get to help so many people put on the whole armor of God. Some people can be members of your family, friends, and even perfect strangers. Spreading the word of God amongst Gods people and anyone who cares to hear, there is a joyful feeling deep down in your heart that it feels like your heart will explode. This joy makes you feel like you want to run or race around stumbling in happiness. The Whole armor of God is what I want to share with anyone who wants to experience God in their life.

What is the Whole Armor of God?

The bible says that we aught to be clothed with God’s word. Paul uses the armor of the roman soldier to help us understand what the Armor of God is.

How to get started with putting on the Armor of God

First of all, you will need a King James Version bible to begin. Begin reading about the love of God. John 3:16

If you are an individual who has not repented and accepted Jesus Christ into your heart as your lord and savior, you will need to do so right now. This step is non negotiable. In order to move forward, you will need to open the door of your heart at which Jesus Christ is knocking on at this moment.

Tips for success in Reading Gods word

  • Read the bible
  • Pray Always
  • Provide time to read
  • Create a space to cozy up with the word
  • Have a prayer closet
  • Quiet time
  • Meditate on his word
  • Give God Praises with song

Here is a short story about myself. Being honest is better than to sound like I am perfect. I struggled just getting myself to read. If you asked, why? I really don’t know. But when I wanted to know about the Whole Armor of God, I wanted to read. Just reading about what his armor is and what its for. The word touched my heart like never before. More on this here.

Common Question about God’s Word

Isn’t the bible JUST a book?

To answer this question, I would say, No. It’s not JUST a book. Its THE word of God. The bible talks about the love of God. How God shows his love for us and what he did to deliver us from sin.

The Last thing you need to know about Gods word

God will take you places you never been. He will always be there for you whether you know it or not. Draw near to him and he will give you rest like never before.

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