Building Your Faith In God during Hardship

So how do you build your faith in God?

Well, I sat here thinking hmm! What am I going say or how should I say it. So I thought of picturing myself at a revival. I’m walking up to the podium to share a testimony. Today, I want to share my testimony about how God has helped me to learn to have faith.

First of all, I love to surround myself with God’s people. Those who love God the way that I do. Years ago, after service, my father would always walk up to pastors and just have a little chat with them about God’s word. I remember I was always besides my dad listening to what they say. They had always talked about and shared the word of God with each other. These pastors fellowshipped and laughed with each other every time they saw one another. 

What is fellowshipping

Fellowshipping with God’s people is always beneficial to the soul and offers warmth to the heart. When people fellowship, they talk about what interests them the most. In this case, its God’s word. God’s word is the one that brings ministers and saints of God together, to praise, worship, and rejoice in him. I thank God for these times. Hearing God’s word no matter where it came out has always fill my heart and spirit with gladness. Even during testimony time. 

I love listening to all the testimonies everyone shares during testimony time. Please do not be afraid to share your stories with other because you never know who is listening. Your story will help someone else who is going through the same situation. Most often when testimonies are shared, people tend to remember, it helps them develop faith, that all things are possible. In this way, a seed would have been already planted in a person’s heart. 

This individual would ponder on what he/ she heard during a testimony. It would be difficult to forget. He/ she will want to hear more about God. So he/ she will go to church again. In doing this, the seed which was planted is being watered. 

In order to water that seed, begin by saying a prayer. If you don’t know what prayer is, It’s simply acknowledging God then talking to him as if your talking to your own father but with higher power and authority. You don’t have to sound all holy or anything, simply begin your prayer by saying, “Lord Jesus…”

My father, before he left this world, stressed to us to always pray. Pray everyday, pray when you first wake up, when your going to eat, when your out and about, and when your going to bed. Prayer is the one that will help deepen your relationship with the lord. In your house, create a place where you will pray. A prayer closet of sorts.

Matthew 6:6 says, But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy father which is in secret: and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee ophenly. 

Hearing the word of God

Though fellowshipping is a great tool to building your faith but hearing the word of God is the first step to build your faith. Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”.

What is faith? It is having complete confidence and trust in someone or something. In this case, that someone is God. I haven’t exactly been faithful about my marriage. When I say this I don’t mean infidelity, I am talking about having such faith. My husband has been going through some things about his daughter which resulted in him drinking his pain away. Instead of letting go and letting God do it. I began to say things to him off and on. The latest was when we had a fight. Oh! how I felt so angry towards him, I felt like I didn’t care anything about his daughter.

My Story

To me, I felt like this was all her fault. Because my husband was fine before she came into his life. Maybe I’m being too harsh for saying that but this is truly how I felt. He gradually changed, first it was the way he talked to me. He began to speak to me as if he was tired of me. He started to be more bold about what he wanted to buy for her.

At the time, we were on a budget, so buying more things just got even more hectic. He was always talking to her in secret. Which I really didn’t think it was a problem until later. His initial intention was for her to become apart of the family but it wasn’t ever that way. I remember him telling me that she said, she didn’t want to talk to anyone else only him. Like I said I didn’t know that it would become a problem because now, after six months, they are not talking anymore.

My husband is heart broke. Though he tells me what happened, who said what, I just cannot believe only him. I was never apart of their father/ daughter relationship. I never thought I was going to go through anything like this. Now my husband is drinking his pain away. The fact that he chose to take the bottle over God, made me feel sad and heart broke, angry at her for causing all of this.

During this whole time, I tried to stay focus on God. Spiritually I was bouncing around, meaning I was feeling hopeful at one point and angry at another. I was not as stable as I should have been. I even fought and wrestled with acceptance. I reminded myself often that I am a child of God and that I need to do the best I can.

I remain faithful, prayerful, and seeking God. I thank God for everyone who shares their music, testimonies, and words of encouragements becuase I most certainly need them. Most of all, I thank God for the ministers who preach the word none stop. Hearing the word of God always lifts me and fills my heart with joy.


Learning to be joyful during this time was the hardest thing becuase I certainly did not want to come home from work. I feared coming home only to find my husband filled with stress, anger, frustration, and a bottle. Being at work was more relaxing for me until the day I let anger get the best of me. That day, my supervisor gave me the ultimatum, whether I should go home early or calm down and keep working. She gave me a brief moment to think about it.

I took that chance to gather myself and choose to stay, work, and be happy. I was glad I chose to be happy becuase it lifted my spirit enough to face what I was going to face when I got home.

During this time of hardship, I quoted a scripture “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me”. (Psalms 23:4) I was also reading my scriptures nightly, before I crawled into bed to go to sleep. I found that bible reading brought me strength and joy.


We, as God’s people have to persevere. We have to get God’s word out, one way or the other. What would you share with others about God? Please post your testimonies using hashtag latter-rain-full-gospel-church. (all one word, no hyphens).

The rest of the story will be told on the part 2 post of this post… Thank you for reading.