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Have you ever visited so many websites, maybe even signed up onto their email list? This is where I ended up with so many usernames and passwords. Too many to remember. I needed to organize my password issue.

So, what I did to solve the problem was that I went out to my local Walmart store and purchased an address book. Little did I know, their were bloggers who create printables for this type of problem. I didn’t even think to look for a password book on Amazon either.

How I used my address book

On the name line I wrote in the name of the website and below it, I wrote in the username. Then below that is where I wrote in the password for that particular site. I never write out my passwords for everyone to read, I hide my passwords. Hide? You say! Yes I hide my passwords, I never write out my entire password instead I X out part of the password.

This way I feel more secure. If I ever forget my password, all I do is look into my book and I usually remember after reading it.

I created a short video showing you what I done.