Hi! I’m Lawanda

A mother of two beautiful people, both are now young adults (Alex and Lyric). Living in Phoenix, AZ has been ridiculously hot but good.

I was born and raised in southern Utah. I love drinking iced coffees and sharing my thoughts, blessings, and much more, which is the reason for starting my blog.


Above all things, I am a child of the most high God and love to work in his spirit. I also love beautiful things, places, and talents that he has created.

Discovering exciting adventures or projects my native people are doing, sharing handmade items are just some of what I do in my spare time. Go over to “Blog” and have a look see. You may find one there, if not that means its not posted yet. You can always sign up for the newsletter to be alerted of a new post. 


My first journey into the blogging world.


Butterfly Mom Blogger seems to be the correct way to describe my website. I am a lifestyle blogger who shares more than one thing. I am everywhere in terms of what I would like to do as a hobby, my blog keeps me remarkably busy and on my toes. I love sharing, exploring, and trying new things.

Butterfly Mom came about when I was trying to decide what to call my website.

I was out walking, and I saw a beautiful yellow and black butterfly. This butterfly had my favorite color on it, Yellow. I felt a light bulb turn on, Butterflymom, the name sounded nice and not only that. A butterfly explores and flies around in nature. Even my pass home-based business that I used to do was all about environmental stuff to, so I thought, ” That’s it, butterflymom it is.

A butterfly flies everywhere and loves to be part of nature it lives in.  I, the butterfly mom, loves to be busy, working by day, and being mom there after, then working on small projects.

In addition to my life, I have two awesome very curious cats, Arthur and Bugger. Both are sweet and very cuddly. 

Below is one of my first posts and a newsletter sign up form. 

How to put on The Whole Armor of God