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For the longest time I have always wanted to be productive in all I do, especially in my day to day life. But I never seem to get things done. I had owned a planner once in my life a very long time ago until it got stolen right out of my car. I never used it to its fullest capacity. 

Here’s a little story about what had happened. 

What happened to my planner

I will be honest about the way my planner got stolen. You may not believe in almighty God but he does exist. 

I really didn’t know God’s voice. At the time, I had no idea that it was God who had spoken to me and not my own thoughts. The evening before this happened, I was walking back to my apartment from doing the laundry. In my spirit, I heard God say: “Go to your car and get out your book”. I knew what book becuase my planner was the only book in my car. The book was in the trunk. I thought to myself, “I will get it in the morning”. Again, not realizing that it was God who spoke to me. The next morning, my husband got up early and left for the carwash. 

Suddenly, I received a call from my husband saying frantically “call the police, a man just walked up and took your planner”. I was shocked. Called the police, my husband came back home and explained to me just how it all happened. 

He said he was sitting in the driver seat with all the doors opened. Car keys in the ignition, and was looking at an item. Suddenly a man reached in from beside him and took out the car keys from the ignition. He goes to the trunk and opens it, looks around, sees the book, takes the book, and tosses the car keys back to my husband. It seemed as if this man knew what he was looking for. 

I was very thankful and grateful that he didn’t steal my car. But I was very hurt I didn’t take heed to what God had said. I learnt at that very hour that it was God who spoke to me, previously. I decided from that day on, I wanted to learn to here God’s voice. 

I never purchased another planner for a long time until in mid 2018, but I only used it for bill due dates nothing else. 

What I use my current planner for

For this year, 2019, I purchased a planner from ‘Me and my big ideas’. I was inspired to use this planner from youTube channels I follow. So far, I use it for my weekly plans, menu plans, Bills, and projects. So far so good. Still need to work on it a bit, though. Just getting myself to look into my planner every day is something I need to make a daily routine. 

Using a planner helps me get somethings done in my day to day life. Doing laundry, cleaning, sports schedules, work schedules, plan menus, and more. Using the Ultimate Productivity Bundle can help you do more in your life. As I review what the bundle holds, I feel like it will help me do so much more. 

What the Bundle consists of

  • 5 eBooks
  • 14 eCourses 
  • 1 Summit
  • 26 printables, planners, workbooks

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 In the bundle you will learn about how to manage your time well. 

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