The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

I have always wanted to lose some weight off my waist but just seem like I haven’t gotten started, not sure why! Today I’m thinking about trying the healthy living bundle and I hope you could to, so that we can do this together. The healthy living bundle offers much more than just the weight loss. It also includes gardening, if you like to garden or want to start your own garden. Allergy free cooking is another element of the bundle and so much more, I included a list of them below.

Bundle items

  • Homesteading
  • Alternative health
  • Home and beauty
  • Real food
  • Natural Remedies
  • Pregnancy and babies
  • Recipes
  • Wellness and selfcare
  • Healthy children
  • Detox and reset
New thoughts and goals

For so long, I have been wanting to lose weight. Just getting out the door seems to be the biggest challenge. I always blamed it on my feet. You see, I have what they call Plantar Fasciitis. This is very painful, especially after being on your feet for a long time. When getting out of bed in the morning, oh my! The pain is often unbearable. Maybe its an excuse but I often make it the ultimate deciding factor. But now? Its getting old, I need to do something about my overall physical health before its too late.

Pretty soon my feet and ankles won’t be able to hold up my weight. My dad use to say: “your body is built to hold a certain amount of weight and if you go over that limit, eventually your body will start having problems”. It really matters if your body begins to hurt. Your feet is simply telling you “hey your too heavy”, meaning I need to do something like changing the way I eat, sleep, and my daily routines.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

Having a simple routine could help me with my weight-loss journey. A few months ago, I had started a 90 day challenge on Facebook. I was videoing my walks and showing smoothies I made using products from a wellness company. The thing about that was I didn’t continue my journey when 90 days was up. If I had I think I would’ve been in a better shape then now.

So what do you say?

Let’s get started. What are you waiting for. Click the picture.


Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle