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Become a kinder, more intentional parent

Eliminate the “gimmes” and teach them to serve others

Uncover the real reasons behind challenging behaviors

Help your child cope with powerful emotions

Keep yourself calm while managing tantrums, bedtime battles, and backtalk

Stop playing referee in sibling battles (and teach them how to work things out)

Keep your toddler busy with fun and easy crafts and learning activities

Nurture a deeper, stronger relationship with each of your kids

Apply step-by-step solutions to common challenges like whining, arguing, homework, and lack of cooperation

Instill gratitude, kindness, and helpfulness in your child

Gain the confidence to homeschool your teenager or your child with special needs

Create precious family memories through roadtrip adventures

Navigate the journey of adding to your family through adoption or foster care

Discover 10 non-medication secrets to help your child with ADHD succeed in school

Throw an awesome birthday party for less than $100!

Potty train your child in three days

Organize yourself with a back-to-school planner

And so much more!

Are you ready to be an all around parent?

I wish I knew about this bundle when my kids were small but that doesn’t mean I can’t share it. My children are in the teens stage and older. I juggled the best way I thought was best. I was in college then held a job during the years when my children where little. They have seen me during all my moments. I really didn’t know how to hide my feels at all. If I was feeling emotional, I’m emotional. I always told my kids how I’m feeling and why. In return, they always seem to be open with me to. They let me know how they are feeling.

I’m not sure if that was ok but it all worked out ok because my kids tell me things all the time. Sometimes, I’m not quit sure what to say but I’m always glad that they shared it with me. What ever “it” is.

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Now, a group of bloggers and many work from home moms have put together a Super Bundle called Parenting Super Bundle.

When you sign up for this bundle you will have access to :

  • 35 eBooks
  • 10 eCourses
  • 9 Workbooks
  • 23 Printables
  • 2 Audios
  • 1 Membership site

If you are a first-time mom and dad, this is a great place to begin to learn many natures of parenting. From birth to homeschooling to play dates and much more. Below is a list of all the contents in the bundle. Take a look and when your ready, click here.

No convinced yet? Watch a short video by clicking here.