Working & Blogging

Hello, I wanted to tell you a story about blogging while holding a full time job. Most moms who blog have little kids running around and that takes up a lot of their time and energy. Not for me, my children are 16 and 21. They both have plans of their own and daily schedules. But still I have to make time for my teenage daughter and my husband, who loves to be with me when I’m not at work.

I usually want to blog when I’m home but that doesn’t all ways happen. Cooking dinner or helping my daughter with her projects usually takes up some of my time. But I love them and am willing to be there for them. I often blog when everyone is at school and at work. Usually my day off. Yes! Me time!

(stock photo from Ivory mix)

Me Time

I learned to look at blogging as me time. Because if I thought of it as work. I don’t think I will ever write. Blogging for me is comforting and my mind begins to flow peacefully until I hit a block. When this happens, I simply do something else, taking a break, then come back and start where I left off.

I found time to blog. During my lunch was the perfect time. I purchased a journal book and began to write a post I wanted to write. Many times, when I do this, some ideas start to flood through my mind and thankfully, I have my book to jot them all down.

I feel relaxed when I write my draft and begin editing my post. It really helps me a lot.

Sometimes, procrastinating is my stumbling block. I tend to put blogging off because I’m running errands, on social media, watching youTube videos, and/ or catching up on sleep. Everyday, I tell myself “I will blog tomorrow morning”.

What I did to make time

• Prioritize
• Doable goals
• Me time

Prioritize Blogging Time

Finally, I needed a way to hold me accountable and make blogging time important. I learn from Suzi, that blogging consistently will help me grow. So, I will be consistent. Yep! That is my goal for now.

Setting doable goals

Goals? What goals did I have when I started my blog? Hmm! First I wanted to share my stories about what God has done and is doing in my life. I thought if I could just share all about God, telling short stories, maybe it’ll help someone out there in their life and get closer to Christ.

I think I was putting too much pressure on myself that it drove me to a road block of procrastination. I struggled with getting to my computer and start typing.

My problem was I looked at blogging as work. So…I changed that to “Me Time”. Looking at blogging as working just doesn’t help but seeing blogging as “me time” is less stressful and more creative juices flows out. Love it! Love it!

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Thank you