Love Your Job

First of all, I had no idea that God will say “Value your Job”. I never thought God would consider my job, as a deli associate, to be valuable. I know, foolish of me to think this way.

Maybe at sometime in life you have asked a question like, Does our work/ job really matter to God? (Pastor Rondale Anderson) I found out that working does matter to God. As a matter of fact, God even teaches you how to have balance between work life and home life. God loves you so much that he is willing to take you by the hand and lead you.

Even as a minister in the gospel, you would have to be lead by God, himself, in order to leave your current job and go full time in the ministry. I feel it’s a big deal when it comes to knowing when God says to do that or when man says to do it. (Pastor Rondale)

I remember back when my father was still living, he said that in all my receiving, I aught to receive the gift of discernment. To be able to know who is speaking to me.

Apostles, in the bible, worked to earn their keep, they didn’t get anything for free. So you see working is ok. I watched a Pastor, who I’ve known for years bring out the word about this subject and I feel he was lead by God.

You can watch the Sunday Service by clicking the link here:


The Work Place

When your first hired, the company will tell you about policies, procedures, and guidelines to follow and to abide by. They train you about how to help and support other employees in the workplace.

As a believer in Christ, God teaches you how to do your work in the workplace.

First, he says to obey your managers, supervisors, and all who are in upper management, no matter what field industry your working in. He goes on teach you to work hold heartily meaning give it your all and do your job/ work to the best of your ability. Always do this daily, not only when your supervisors or foremen are watching but even when they are not there.

Since we spend a lot of time, out of our day, at work, we will need to work as doing unto the lord. We want to please God and not man.

Work is a Battlefield, Church is a Classroom

Work is a battlefield

Working is a very important part of a believer’s life. (Pastor Rondale Anderson) Work hold heartily and do it unto the lord. Do all in pleasing God. Lead by example.

Church is a classroom

In church, we are taught lessons about how to function in the world, how to live in the world, and how to work. Even how to receive the blessings of the lord.

My story

There have been times where I know I didn’t work hold heartily becuase I let the enemy get the best of me. The enemy is not the individual whom I am arguing with but the one who loops me into the argument. 

When I lost my job, I was surprised. I couldn’t believe my pretty little ears. As my assistant manager began to tell me, my body began to feel numb and I couldn’t think or say anything. The thought of not walking in the next day to go to work just couldn’t feel anymore empty. I was devastated.

Why I was fired

I was fired for the most dumbest thing in the world of being fired. Tardies! Yes, I said tardies. Over the course of six months I was late a few times. Trouble was that I wasn’t leaving early enough to be on time. Once my attendance record reported 9 points. That’s it, I was done for.

The problem was I took my job for granted. I didn’t realized that if I was late one more time I would loose my job.

Four weeks went by and still not one company has called to hire me. I have attended three interviews but no call backs. I forgotten what it was like to be job hunting again. Looking at websites and applying to each job was getting a bit annoying and frustrating at the same time. To me, its not fun looking for work and filling out all those applications, whether its online or on paper. I thought simply submitting a resume was going to be it but NO, companies still want their forms filled out.

There is still a God!

Anyway! I’m sharing this because above all this, there is still a God. During this time in my life I really looked up to God Almighty for reassurance that I would have another job. I surely took my job for granted. I dont think I was thinking at all becuase if I was, I would have still been employed.

Learning to look to God and to trust in him was a huge step. I did not want to fall behind in anything, I just kept myself busy to keep from worrying. I felt like I was being taught to have a little faith.

Learning to manage my money on a tight budget really needed to happen. So I started.

I began to look at my finances, you know. Looking to see where my money has gone in the previous months. I had to because our income is now smaller. I even did an inventory of my pantry, freezer, and refrigerator. I learned to do this by a lady named Carrie Green, founder of Female Entrepreneur Association. You should visit her blog. She has a lot of great useful tips.

Budgeting tips is always helpful when your on a reduced income.

After signing up for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, I immediately took a look at what features the bundle has. I saw the “90 Day Budget Bootcamp” workbook by Rosemarie Groner at thebusybudgeter.com, she has a printable e-book you can use to track your money for 90 days. This is how I found out the amount I was spending on groceries. Her system is very helpful, useful tool, and easy to use and the best part is, its FREE. I recommend you try it. Then for more advance money tactics see Jordan Paige on budgetbootcamp.com. I love watching Jordan Paige, she’s the best and fun to watch on you-tube. You ought to check her out.

Ok, back to my story.

By July, I’m still hunting for a job. The other day my son told me he had said a prayer for me. He said, “there’s a job out there for you, you just have to find it.”

You know, I felt peace just knowing that someone is praying for me. I’ll admit there were days where I was feeling a bit low, seemed like I wasn’t ever gonna get work again. It’s not a good feeling at all. I’m supposed to be trusting in Lord for everything, even getting a job. BUT! I do the best I can. That’s all God wants from me, is my best.

Staying prayerful

Staying prayerful is always helpful. My pastor taught us to pray all the time. She says, “if you are worried after saying a prayer, go down in prayer again and leave it with God”. This is something I practiced just about all the time. I’m grateful for all the blessing God has given me. I’m looking forward to sharing my testimony with you when I start my new job. I love talking about God and all the wonderful things he has done for me in the pass.


  • Stay prayerful
  • Reduce Stress by working around your home
  • Go for Walks
  • Read the word of God

Anyway, my main thing is, keep your head up and know that God is good and that he will always look over you.

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