My Reward for Being Prayerful

So happy, Thank you God!

I have never thought I’d receive my blessing this soon, especially after going through something very painful and devastating to me and my honey bun. (which I will share in due time, but not right now). I had never thought I would be paying for another car loan. Our budget is tight now especially after get the new vehicle. But let me tell you how this all happened.








Jeep Problems

First, our very nice red 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee was having a problem. The jeep would jerk a little after going over a bump and sometimes almost shutting off. Another problem was the shifting error. Seems the jeep was not shifting well at times and there is not much power when put into drive. We would have to drive off in 2nd gear. After our mechanic took a lot see. He said the transmission mount needs replacing and that will take care of the jerking part of it. As for the shifting, he determined we needed to replace the valve body on the transmission.

So I began calling to Auto Parts Stores for the valve body and come to find out, this particular part is no longer sold separately from the transmission. I was stunned. I would have to purchase the entire transmission. I was not happy. Another solution was to scout the internet for the item, see if anyone is selling one. I thought I found one but I was not so sure about it, in fear of scams, I couldn’t make the purchase.


My husband uses the jeep daily for work and he needed the jeep to be running smoothly. He drives about 100 miles a day, maybe more. Unlike me my work is about 3 miles away. I tried telling him to use my truck but he rather use the jeep. He said if the jeep were to stop running suddenly, its better for him to be stranded than my daughter and I because of safety. Too many #Native American females going missing. Just cannot take the risk.

We began visiting car dealer lots. The first lot we went to, the man took a look at us and asked “if we were gonna put money down”. We said “no down payment” and we stated the monthly budget we can handle. He automatically said “With that much a month, the bank will ask for a 10% down payment”. I said “ok, lets start downing the paper work and let the bank decide that, shall we?” He didn’t want to do it. So we didn’t push it, we just walked out and left to the lot we ben to before. Midway Chevrolet was our next stop and was the last stop.

Midway Chevrolet

They were able to get us into a car and keep us on budget.¬†As the year ended, we enjoyed our new ride. Except for one thing, I lost my job a few months later!! I couldn’t believe my ears. I have been with the company for 11 1/2 years. I enjoyed all the benefits I had with Walmart. But as a child of God I needed to be more in faith than anything else because I am a living testimony for others who are going to read my post. My husband was so worried about what we worked hard for may all be lost because me loosing my job.