A Devastating Experience We Faced About Our Family Member

One morning, just after my Hubby left for work, I stepped out my backdoor to get my dog’s bowls and have them ready to be fed. I noticed one of my dogs, Gunner, not being overly excited with energy like he usually is. I thought he was sad because I got mad at him the night before. So I didn’t think more about it. I gave him a hug and told him I love him. Later at 6:30am, I fed them their food and noticed Gunner not eating. Again, I thought, “maybe he’s just not hungry yet”. Went back inside to do other things.

Later I came to the window and looked to check my two dogs, I noticed Gunner just walking toward the door slowly with low energy. Then I finally noticed he had not eaten his food and told myself “something is wrong”. Seeing him throwing up, I began noticing he had thrown up a few times. I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Gunner. I thought the dog food had made him sick because it was not the food I usually buy. I normally buy Kibbles N Bits.


When taking my son to work I also stopped by at Walmart, where I purchased the dog food. I exchanged it back to the usual bag I always got before. Gunner was always energetic and playful. He loved his toys, plays in mud, plays with Mojoe (our other dog), and loves to try catching water. I kept giving Gunner water. By super time, he still didn’t eat his food. The next day, I tried to feed him again but he still did not want to eat. But he was drinking more water. I really thought he was sick from the dog food.

Finally, at about 5:40pm On Saturday, I went out to check on Gunner, I saw him laying down and not responding to my call until I got closer to him. He didn’t look right, I franticly rushed to the door and called out my hubby to come outside. He immediately said called the vet. I called the vet and they said to take Gunner to the emergency vet doctor.

Later that evening, the diagnostic was that Gunner had the Parvo Virus. A deadly disease in dogs, preferably puppies. Gunner was 8 months old. I was lost right at that moment. Before the diagnoses was shared, my mind was on how much all this is going to cost. After the diagnosis, I was already in for over $300. The vet told us that 70% of dogs treated actually live on, when they are taken home and cared for by the owner but taken to the vet for daily doses of meds and water injections. This treatment would roughly cost me about $250 a day for one week. That means it could cost $1750. I did not have that kind of money. The other treatment was to have Gunner stay at the facility, the cost on that is pretty much more than the at-home option. The vet never mentioned any payment options for the treatment.

I had to make the hardest decision ever. All I’m gonna say is that Gunner never came home with us that night.

It hurt like crap, I cried all the way home.

The Day Gunner Came

A few months ago, my husband came home with a little furry creature. He was a brown and white little fellow. I immediately fell in love with him, greeted him with a bunch of hugs and smooches. He was a little thin but very energetic. I learned he is a little Red Nosed Pit-bull with blue eyes. I was overwhelmed with my new little friend, that I tear-eyed a little bit. Over and over, I had been searching for a pit-bull on the web, such as Craig’s list and other websites where people sell or give a way puppies.

Just the feeling of longing to find me another pit-bull seemed endless. I thought I was never going to own another pit-bull. I did see some listing but the cost of purchasing one was too much for me to afford. So I kept on looing until I eventually gave up. Pit-bull puppies were being sold from $300 and up. There were some sold at $150 but they were not full blooded pits.

When my first pit-bull died I was in a emotional wreck, I had no idea that I would ever be because of a dog. I thought I was crazy to be crying over an animal but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve come to love the pup when we received him. His name was Bruno. A friend who worked with my husband was moving and couldn’t take the pit with him, so he lets us have him. He was a black pit, ears cut, and tail shortened. Very intimidating look but overly friendly fellow. He loved to play endlessly and was accepting from the beginning. We introduced him to our cat: Arthur. They got along just fine, no fuss there. We were off to a good start with our new friend: Bruno.

Suddenly Gone

We never found how Bruno died, we left for church one morning, then when we arrived home, I found our Bruno (pit-bull) dead in the backyard. We couldn’t understand what or how it happened. Neighbors did not see anything. I was heart broken, I never thought I’d feel hurt about a dog until then. Bruno was a black blue nosed pit-bull, very friendly and was loved. Why anyone would want to hurt him or take him from us was hard to comprehend. Every time I looked in the back yard, seemed like Bruno would come running out. But when he doesn’t, its just a memory that I would see from now on and for that I hurt.

As I walked into the bathroom, my mind was very clear. That is when I heard God’s voice (I know it was God who spoke) he said, “I know and I understand”. I immediately cried because my lord understood me. I felt as if he were hugging me and wiping my tears, healing my heart. My spirit was at peace as soon as I cried.

We buried our fury family member, Bruno and said our good byes. Later on, We planted a tree there in honor of his memory. Now that tree is still growing and standing strong. Though we don’t live there anymore but I am grateful for what God has done. I’m not sure if we should have told the new home owners but then again maybe not. Just let him rest in peace.

Oh! wait, I didn’t tell you just where he came from, or did I. Anyway, Gunner was freely given to us. The owner gave a few of his little pit-bulls away to his co-workers as gifts or even out of the kindness of his heart. Not sure! But either way, we are grateful.

I was so excited that I went to the store to purchase many different puppy toys, beds, dog food, dog bowls, and blankets. Yep! I was insane. If you have a furry friend who is there with you all the time keeping you company or simply nagging at you for attention. Greet him with something from Amazon.

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