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One day, I was going thru my spending habits and found out that I spend too much money on snacks alone, $100/ a month. That is a lot of snacks. This money could have been applied to something better or healthier even. I couldn’t believe my eye balls. My eyeballs were literally about popped out of their sockets. I needed to do something.

Since, I was not working anymore, who knows for how long, I started to go thru my pantry and take out anything that’s expired. Believe me I found some icky expired food items. I didn’t through them away yet, what I did was put them in a plastic bag, set a side and finished my inventory. I went as far as writing down the items and their expire dates. I created a binder that has a list of the items in my pantry.

In the same binder, I created a meal planner. (not sure if I will stick to that but) I hear meal planning can help in budgeting your money. So I decided to find out if this works for my family. I was watching money-saving-mom on youtube and also came across Jordan Page. The video below tells all.






Oh yes, the expired items I took from the pantry. I simply took them back to Walmart and said these are expired. They didn’t give me a hard time and just issued a refund as a gift-card, which was awesome. I couldn’t be any happier. Now when I go shopping I try to remember to look at the expire day, so I won’t have to comeback and wait in line again. Ok! there you have it. Simply watch Jordan’s video and have fun. Bye! Bye!


The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Furthermore! I found the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. In this self-pace course, I learn a few things. I spent too much money in groceries alone in March 2018, over $1200. Who in the world spends that much on food for a family of four. Oh my!!! I need to look at all I had and go thru the pantry doing an inventory on everything. Reevaluate again.


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