How Deliverance Happens After Losing a Loved One

By God

Hmm! Deliverance, what is deliverance? What does it mean to me.

Deliverance, to me means being brought out of a situation and being set free for good.

After my father went home to be with the lord, I sometimes can’t believe he is gone and never coming back. Never did I think I’d be without my dad. I figured he’d grow old as a senior citizen. Maybe I’d be taking care of him.

My dad was 65 years when he battled cancer for about 10 months. The first time he told my Lil family and I was the time my son was graduating from High School.
He sat with much pain and I kept wondering to myself “what is going on”. So I asked, “what’s going on, why are you hurting?” He said, “I will let you know later, let’s celebrate my grandson’s accomplishment first”.

My guess was he didn’t want attention on himself. But just observing him, I got the hint that something was very wrong with him. Cancer crossed my mind, is it? Maybe not. My mind began to think stupid things. I often had to collect myself and ask God. What is it?

The day of sad news

The next day was the day my dad told us what was going on with him. To me this was devastating news. I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit flowing over my hole being, I couldn’t do or say anything but cry. I told my family that I was in denial, I had hoped it wasn’t cancer. At the time, when I said, “Cancer crossed my mind”.

I know now it was God who had told me. But still I questioned. Why?

As months past, my dad wanted so much for me to come home, each month I just couldn’t seem to make it financially. Dad and I talked just about everyday over the phone. Until finally one weekend, my husband and I said, “let’s just picked up and go see family”.

We drove in at my in laws house early in the morning after driving most of the night. We went to sleep. When I woke up I immediately got ready. Suddenly urgency filled my body, I couldn’t wait no longer, I needed to run across to my parent’s house. I was practically out the door before the rest of my Lil family came following.

When I saw my father, my knees weakened and my hold being was full of emotions. I hastily hugged my father and held him crying with much sorrow. My dad had lost so much weight. I couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. I held my father long and tight.

My father passed away 12 days later. His last words to me was “I love you my child” (in Navajo).

How God Took the Hurt and Delivered Me

After the funeral, we had been back home, every time I thought about my dad, my heart hurt so much. I couldn’t understand why. I thought, “I’m supposed to be strong in the lord”. But I couldn’t help it. That first Sunday at church, I knelt at the alter and as I said “Lord”. I burst into tears. I cried unto the lord as God’s spirit was mistering to me.

Immediately, I felt God reach into my heart and pulled the hurt out. I felt the hurt separation in my being from my heart. I rejoiced in thanksgiving because God has delivered me.

When I sat back down next to my husband, I heard God say to me, “He is with me”. Those words were spoken to me in my spirit. I know that was the voice of God. It’s not that I didn’t know my dad is with God. But just hearing it directly from God with my own ears, it brought me confront to my being. My body and spirit are now at peace. This is my testimony. I love the lord.

Current time

Presently, I’m always on my knees praying a prayer over my family, my friends, my finances, and my home. I often think about my dad, how he talked, how he acted when demonstrating what he was talking about. You see, my dad was a minister in the gospel. He always said he is not a pastor, nor an evangelist, but a teacher.

Dad’s Legacy

My dad loved talking about God, he lived it and walked in the path set before him, reaching out, helping as many as he could. I can see now, living a life of helping others get to know who God really is, was his legacy.

Helping others also met having a career as an Emergency Medical Technician with the #Navajo Nation. My dad worked across the reservation and while working, he told many people about Christ.

Wow! Imagine working for God and helping people in your day to day job. That is awesome!

I have a day job where I help people in a unique way. My dad helped people medically and I help people checkout at a retail store. Same reason (helping) but different work. What I’m trying to say is, we all have different gifts but all for the same reason, helping people.

What are you doing to help someone?

For me, just talking and sharing about what God has done for me is one way I can help. I could also do more like, donate food or take personal care items to the shelter. Lots of ways to help.

Learning to be selfless is the one skill I really need to be work on. Doing a work for God is about being selfless.

Even, at the time my dad left this world, I mentioned to my family. “Its not all about us”, its about other family members to. We needed to tend to them as well because some of them are not as strong and some didn’t know who Christ is. Becoming selfless meant to always be a servant to and love people.




A minister within you speaks

That met thinking of others rather than yourself, own family, or your own everything. Being the child of God is easy, its not supposed to be hard. If you feel like its hard, maybe its because you make it that way.

There was a time when I thought it was hard. I remember when God told me to give a message to someone while I was working. This person was in my checkout line. I needed to know who it was. Because there were more than one person in line. Until the actual person was in front of me, God said, “give him/ her the message”.

God says, “My sheep know my voice”. For me, I check and make sure it was God who spoke because I don’t want to do things out of my own mind but rather do it in Christ Jesus.

After, I gave the message that God said, the lady gave me a huge hug. She was very touched and grateful for the message. I was motivated from that day on because of the overwhelming joy I felt. I mean my heart was oozing out with joy, my heart felt like it was swollen and about to burst.

Each time God said to do something, I wanted to. If you’re a shy person, this is challenging. If you know that it was the voice of God you heard. Then by old means, do as he says.
Remember you are the light of the world! The light that shines in the darkness.

God will always speak to you every day. You just need to be quiet and hear him.


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