How To Create An Awesome Blog

Starting a blog was never on my mind until one day I saw Mrs. Whitford’s video on Facebook. It was a simple video of her and her daughter in a city.

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What I Did To Encourage My Teen

Working Hard

One day, I peeked into the “parent vue” app to see my daughter’s grades for her current classes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two of her classes were low grade. She had a F in her Math class and a D in her World History class. When she came home after school, I talked to her about her grades. As she looked up at me, she exhaled with a deep breath and said, “I don’t know mom”. Right then I knew I needed to do something. She began to tell me just where she is in math class and what she thinks she needs to do in her History class.

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Why You Should Value Your Job

Loosing a job is not the most fun thing in the world, in fact, when I lost my job, I was surprised. I couldn't believe my pretty ears. My body began to feel numb and I couldn't think or say anything. I was still trying to grasp the thought that I don't have a job anymore.




Why Use the Slim Down Bundle



When I first weight myself, I weight at 173 lbs. I was surprised because I weigh less than that. I knew I had to do something. Changing the way, I eat, what I eat, and how much I eat was going to be a challenge. I loved drinking iced coffees every single day, who knows how much calories were in this iced coffee. Another kind of foods was potatoes.

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Look At What I Stumbled Upon


One day, I was going thru my spending habits and found out that I spend too much money on snacks alone, $100/ a month. That is a lot of snacks. This money could have been applied to something better or healthier even. I couldn't believe my eye balls. My eyeballs were literally about popped out of their sockets. I needed to do something.

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Reward For Being Prayerful

So happy, Thank you God!

I have never thought I'd receive my blessing this soon, especially after going through something very painful and devastating to me and my honey bun. (which I will share in due time, but not right now). I had never thought I would be paying for another car loan. Our budget is tight now especially after get the new vehicle. But let me tell you how this all happened. 

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A Surprising Message I heard with My Own Ears

A few months ago, my husband came home with a little furry creature. He was a brown and white little fellow. I immediately took a liking to him, greeted him with a bunch of hugs and smooches. He was a little thin but very energetic.


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Cutest Mommy shirts for Christmas!

(this is an affiliate link) I love this shirt, it feels very soft and very comfy. Great for everyday wear.

This mom runs on caffeine

This shirt describes me very well. I love having iced coffee just about everyday. When ordering be sure to get one size bigger than your normal size. 


What Happened After Losing My Precious Dad


After my father went home to be with the lord, I sometimes can’t believe he is gone and never coming back. Never did I think I’d be without my dad. I figured he’d grow old as a senior citizen. Maybe I’d be taking care of him.


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Becoming a better mom while being a mom


Raising two wonderful totally different teenagers was not an easy task, when I look back from the day each one of my children were born, I realized now, who they were, and I think I knew it then too.

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