Navajo In The City


Navajo In the City was created by Davina Harrison. I had the courage to send her interview questions and she was openly responsive. I thank you Davina, for your moral support for Native Americans, especially Dineh People (Navajo), who are venturing out into a world of entrepreneurship.


Davina is Bitterwater Clan, born for Iberian. Iberian is a combination of Spain Spanish and Portuguese. Red Towering House Clan are the my maternal grandfathers and Iberian people are my paternal grandfathers.


Starting the online NITC community

When Davina travels to different job locations she runs into other Navajos, either at the airport, conferences, hotels, events, and etc. She felt like she needed to do something for our people in terms of creating a community online and Facebook was where she provided that awesome community called Navajo In The City.

Benefits of the NITC community

Over time Navajo In The City became a fabulous community of our Dineh People, who share many of their own businesses, talents, favors, and words of encouragement with one another. Even when a member needs help in any way, NITC bridges the gap between the people who need the hand and the people who can help. NITC is a place where NITC family share there ideas, events, recipes, and much more.

Sometimes when Davina goes live on facebook, not so offend does she tell about her personal things such as marriage. I asked her this question on my interview worksheet. Question: What do you believe is the key to a successful marriage? Her answer, “I don’t know that I would call it “successful marriage”. However, I think I would call it “working marriage”. The work you put into your marriage, is what you’ll get out of it. We do our best to work on communication, sometimes it hit and miss depending on our home and work events. We also pray together, because it reminds us of our position and responsibilities as husband and wife.”


I think I would have to agree with her. My dad said to me one time, “It’s not all about you, its all about your husband”. “And hopefully, your husband is taught the same way.” Which means you are about each other and not for yourself. Hmm.

Davina wants to be remembered as a person who has love and compassion for people, always wanting to help by being of service in a small way. I would add to that and say Davina has been such an inspiration to me as far as going live on Facebook. She told me people respond better to videos. Since then, after not being shy or scared, I have gone live a few times.

Davina also provided me with a website to her brand new store: Now why don’t you click on and see her website. There you will find some products she posted such as cups. Since her website is still pretty much in it’s infancy, you will see little. Please check back every so offend to see more products are being posted.