Moms Way Of Saying “Thank You” For All You Do

Before school began

This year my daughter couldn’t wait to get back to her high school to see all her friends, who haven’t moved. She was seriously anxious. But before returning to school was her birthday, during the summer and we really had wanted to get something special for her becuase she worked hard, especially at home. Helping me fix breakfast and sometimes dinner. She also cleaned the living room and kitchen every single weekend. Especially when I started working again. She has really pulled through for me.

So, with that said, I told my husband, “I know its a lot but I want to get her a cute bag and a computer or tablet”. She’s always watching a video on her little phone and is always writing a story. She could use her own computer to do all of that.

So, we looked around target and came across a PUMA backpack. Little did I know, she wanted one of these. I was so blessed to find this, it was also on sale. WOW! even better, I had to buy it. Took it home and gave her the backpack full of gifts. Well after eating cake and dinner of coarse. She was delighted with everything she got that day. You can find one here.

“PUMA! I always wanted a bag like this”.