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Native American Heritage Month



Yaateeh Abin!

During the month of November, many American Indians will be celebrating their heritage. Starting with their own small traditional events among their families, friends, and communities.

In spite, of our President not wanting to acknowledge who we are as a nation, we "the people" will continue to celebrate our HERITAGE. Around the world, generations of indigenous people tell their stories of how Our Heritage was recognized nationally. The talks are so educational for our young people across the US that young native people will never forget where they came from and how their ancestors fought.

Native American Heritage Month is when all American Indians and Alaskan Natives celebrate their heritage through dance, family gatherings, and song. As American Indians, we celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and lots of history with our young ones.

Native "American Indian Week" was  only one week long event, President Raegan, in 1986, proclaimed November 23-30th, a week long event for Indians to celebrate their heritage. This week long event has since turned into a whole month event and is now called "Native American Heritage Month". But before all this came about, there was One Day designated for all "First Americans", by DR. Arthur Parker, who convinced the boys scouts to adopt a day dedicated to the "1st. Americans". Watch the short video clip below.



Declaration by President

President George H.W. Bush declared November to be the month for all Indians, Indigenous peoples month. Bush wanted to make sure Native Indians were officially recognized for their heritage. Celebrating indigenous peoples across the country no matter where they originated from. I feel by doing this makes, President Bush, the most gracious president in the whole wide world.

But there other groups of Native tribes, who do not celebrate "Thanksgiving", instead they call it "A national day of mourning". Many gather at the Cole's Hill in Plymouth to mourn on this day. It is said, that anyone with a conscience should not celebrate Thanksgiving. Hmm! What do you think?

For me and my family, we have been celebrating Thanksgiving for the longest time. We celebrate only because we are grateful that God has been blessing my family and I for so many years. God has blessed many of my people for generations in the past that many do not know yet. Thanksgiving to me is when Native people and White settlers finally came to an agreement to have peace. Yes, many Native people died before this day came but many other none natives died as well. For what? Just becuase we couldn't share the land we were blessed with? God formed the earth and the land, divided the waters, so we could live and prosper on the land. Oh how glad God must have been to see that we were finally making efforts to get along.

I am a Native American Indian, who loves my heritage, the way God made me. I am a believer in Christ our lord. Now-a-days, some native people of my tribe, think, just becuase I am a Christian I can not enjoy my heritage, wear native clothing; such as traditional dresses and moccasins. My God never said to me that I couldn't. I feel that these God given talents in clothe making and moccasins are for all natives, no matter what.


Ways to Celebrate

This year, I will celebrate by posting and blogging about other Natives who have their own blogs, businesses, video logs (such as youtube channels), and family. Here I give a few tips on ways to celebrate our National Native American heritage Month.

  • Visiting a near by museum about American Indians would help educate you and your family, especially the little ones.
  • Host/ Attend an educational event: you could have 1 to 3 speakers
  • Decolonize your Thanksgiving Dinner: Becuase some Natives call this "A day of mourning", to do this simply remove all Native Decor and cook native dishes instead of Turkey.
  • Read books by Native authors
  • Support Native owed businesses & charities


So, my fellow Native people, go and have fun, This Is Your Month.

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