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Among my sharing, here is one I have been following on YouTube, her name is Natalie Franklin. She is from Cameron, AZ.

My reason to share a story about Natalie is becuase she gives so much positivity. Lease that’s the vib I get when watching her videos. I love how she has a genuine humbled spirit and is always giving thanks to her followers and family.

Natalie loves video logging her weekend activities and posts to her channel on a weekly basis. She opens her video logs with spunky, exciting greetings. Your instantly amused to continue watching.

Who Natalie is

Her clan is Hashk’ąą hadzohi, “Yucca fruit strung out in a line People” born for Táchii’nii, “Red Running into Water People”. Her maternal grandfathers are Kiyaa’áanii, “The Towering House Clan”, and her paternal grandfathers are Tódich’ii’nii, “Bitter water clan”. If you want to see more clans, visit Navajo Tribal Clans. Watch her “about me” video below.

Natalie is raising a cute little boy and is working hard to ensure his security by holding two jobs. I feel raising a child a lone can be difficult at times but when you have family helping you, life just gets a little bit easier. The blessing of having family being there for you is so helpful. In every video you watch, you will see Natalie with her little boy unless if he’s with his father. They are always together.

Natalie expresses her thanks to her YouTube channel subscribers by launching a give-away. In order to be a part of her give-away, you would need to subscribed, like, and comment. Her latest give away was the pass to The Grand Canyon.


Natalie Franklin