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    Native American Heritage Month

    Native American Heritage Month     Yaateeh Abin! During the month of November, many American Indians will be celebrating their heritage. Starting with their own small traditional events among their families, friends, and communities. In spite, of our President not wanting to acknowledge who we are as a nation, we "the people" will continue to celebrate our HERITAGE. Around the world, generations of indigenous people tell their stories of how Our Heritage was recognized nationally. The talks are so educational for our young people across the US that young native people will never forget where they came from and how…

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    Shi Jei

    Lets Talk about hearts shall we? I love to introduce to you a lady who loves creativity in her own life. In this post, Courtney, introduces herself and tells her story. Enjoy! Yá’át’ééh shi Diné asdzáán. Courtney Gambler yinishye. Tábąąhá…

  • Natalie Franklin
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    Fabuluos Natalie Franklyn     Among my sharing, here is one I have been following on YouTube, her name is Natalie Franklin. She is from Cameron, AZ. My reason to share a story about Natalie is becuase she gives so…