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Using My Ninja For All My Yummy Smoothies


Everyday, I love to mix me at least one fruit filled smoothie using the GC Control or the Attain Crave Blocker from a FABALOUS company, (which I can probably share with you when you join my email list). After building a great friendship of course.

I simply add any of my favorite fruits along with water or almond milk, mostly almond milk. GC Control is used to replace one or two snacks or meals a day, whichever I prefer. Drinking and mixing GC Control or Attain Carve Blocker helps me lose some pounds off my waist. I surely love to live longer and be more active as I get older. Having a good rich in protein and all the other nutrients in my smoothie is such a peace of mind, at least as far as my weight control goes.

My father always used to tell my siblings and myself to watch what we eat because our family has a history of diabetes and is 50% genetic. Meaning we also could be diagnosed with diabetes if we don’t watch out. I have no intention of getting diabetic but I will surely start somewhere. My food intake is my main priority.

As much as I love food, I still have to watch what I eat. Many moms have started meal planning. Not only for their budget cuts but also their own and family’s health. So I made a decision to try meal planning to see if its right for me.

I believe in selfcare especially when it involves food. In smoothies you can add anything you like with some ice, fruit, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and maybe a little bit of coffee. I love adding coffee to one of my smoothies. It’s only to give me a boost every now and again. Here is the recipe for that one if you want to try it. What do you do for selfcare using food?

Watching family’s health to

My family’s health is ultimately in my hands because I’m the one who cooks all the meals. But how much they eat is in theirs, I sometimes tend to cook too much at dinner. I do that because I usually want to use the left overs for leftover nights. So I wouldn’t have to cook dinner again. Hmm! smart aye!

Even though I watch what I’m eating, seems like I’m still gaining some weight. What do you think that is? Hmm! Not a clue.

I hope I don’t end up with too much physical problems. My family doesn’t need me in pain or physically looking really bad. Being over weight may cause my to spend too much money or spend to much energy on nothing. I certainly didn’t want to be heavy, so I needed to do something about it. I was told about these products and programs from my Pastor to help me get started. The program is called Vitality.


What does Vitality mean to you? Vitality is a weight-loss program for making simple steps to your ideal weight. Vitality guiding principles are eating smart, get active, perform at your peak, and stay accountable. This is certainly what I needed.

It is an easy to follow plan to help you achieve your ideal weight for a better, more fulfilling life. While doing the Vitality program, I use the Ninja products to help mix my protein drinks. I have the Nutri- Ninja Duo, which I love so much. Its my go-to product for making smoothies or shakes. (I will be creating recipes soon and sharing it with you)

Nitri- Ninja Duo machine

Using the Nutri- Ninja Duo has been very easy and less time preparing smoothies and chopping up anything. I love the machine, you have got to try one. If you want to get one, simply click one of the products listed below and purchase one from Amazon. (these are affiliate links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you).


Ninja Duo

Mixing GC Control and Attain Crave Blocker

When I mix my GC Control I know I have control of my weight and am pretty proud of myself. Since I started using the products from Fun2begreen, I have lost about 6 pounds. WOOHOO! I take walks at least three times a week.


The GC Control has:

Chromium- necessary for proper carbohydrate metabolism.

Cinnamon Bark Extract- Helps support healthy glucose metabolism.

Korean Red Ginseng Root- Helps support balanced glucose uptake.

Mulberry Extract- Helps lower the glycemic index of food.

Green tea leaf extract- Promotes healthy insulin activity.

Sweet Potatoe Extract- Helps support healthy fasting blood glucose.


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