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6 Reasons Why I Use Essential Oils

I love essential oils simply because they are useful and smell awesome. Nature’s best answer to everyday occurrences are essential oils. The safe, soothing, natural antiseptic solution for bumps, burns, bites, scrapes, and irritated skin. Once you try any of the pure M- Oil, you’ll see why so many families love to use it, especially moms like yourselves. M- oil and Melagel work together to nurture and nourish minor first aid needs. They are essential additions to any medicine cabinet or first aid kit.


I tried the Mela-gel when I noticed a bump near my genital area. This bump was painful and had some redness around it. I thought it was a wart but I later learned it was a bump caused by two pubic hairs trying to grow out in one place which caused it to be a little painful. I simply rubbed a little Mela-gel on the skin, rubbed it until it dried up. The bump disappeared within days. Great product!

The Mela-gel is now my go to product. I even use it on scrapes, scratches, and type of small injury. The Mela-gel is made from an oil called T36-C5 (a mela-leuca oil). Simply clean the affected area with soap and water first then apply a small amount of Mela-gel.

6 Reasons why I love Essential Oils

  • Naturally Antiseptic
  • Soothing
  • Safely Penetrating
  • Non-caustic
  • Effectively Solvent
  • Pleasantly Aromatic

Currently I am still learning how to use essential oils. I only use it to freshen the air in my house. I use already blended oils such as the “Drive”. This blend is to promote #Motivation. After it’s diluted with a carrier oil then diffused. OH wow! smells awesome.

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“When I first began using Melaleuca Oil in 2005, my grandson had a horrible diaper rash that could not be treated by anything. I sent my daughter a bottle of T36-C5 and she used it on his bottom. The rash was gone in less than 5 days. I have introduced this miracle oil to everyone I meet. It made my grandbaby happy and healthy! It is a GOD SEND!” by Denise Marie and Troy Spann from Brenham, TX


“I was working a softball tournament and neglected to protect my lips. I broke out in sores all over my bottom lip. I dabbed on the Melaluca Oil and they were gone in half the time of just using a lip balm. I am sold!” by Constance J. Lane from Littleton, CO




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