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Delbert Anderson from DDAT


Love Jazz

I want to introduce to my readers, Delbert Anderson Trio (DAT). Anderson and his band created a new Album called Manitou and a Christmas CD called Christmas in Bb. If you love Jazz, you have got to hear his group play. I love his music, I was not always a fan of Jazz but after listening to DAT, I don’t mind hearing them repeatedly. Yes! They are that awesome, even the Daily times says, “Anderson regularly plays some of the country’s largest markets and attracts national media attention.” “Delbert Anderson represents something new and distinct in today’s jazz” – Geoff Winstead

Inspired Melodies

Delbert’s music puts Navajo culture through melodies inspired by ancient songs of love and was while fusing them with modern jazz and funk” says Earthsongs. I personally have never heard music like this before. When I first listened to his music after downloading it, I felt the presence of God. There was a feel of sincerity in his music and motivated me to do better at what I love.
After speaking with Delbert’s mother, I learned he is on the road the lord set before him and that the lord is working out all of his plans. Wow! I am truly proud. I learned he is now teaching and directing the San Juan College Jazz Big Band and Combo. You can learn more about Delbert on his website @ www.delbertanderson.com

Purchase music from his website here and download.

Keeping God

I just wanted to share. I love how his love for God shines…

No matter what the struggle is (physical or mental), put and keep God in your circle to fix it eternally.

Don’t forget – with God being perfect, 100% of the problem is “you & me”.

If you feel like you’re doing everything right but things seem out of place or frustrating. “Feels like you can’t get a break”
Go back and make sure God is in your circle. When he’s in your circle, although we have thoughts and feelings, our mind is in such a right place that even the hardest things to deal with can be endured. If things are not changing, there’s something you’re not letting go. Things to let go could be something you are use to doing, or maybe camouflaged as good works. These things can only be flushed out by reading the word of God. That’s why many say “we need to read the bible”.

Many think you get saved and God comes in and takes all the problems away. And God can do that if you let everything go. But many work hard and read God’s word to come to a conclusion or spiritual awakening. My salvation consisted of hard work and reading/understanding the bible. It’s not a miracle salvation of everything changed instantly but miracle salvation of everything changed once I started to think and walk like Jesus.

Over 3 months every problem I had was fixed and everything I lacked was restored and more. All because of accepting Jesus in my mind, body and soul. And it took study to finally figure these things out. Many call it being responsible and it is to some extent, but being responsible on earth is not the same as being responsible to God. When you’re responsible in God’s way, you are blessed (bill payments pay themselves off, strangers bless you, all your needs are always taken care of), you witness miracles (stage 4 cancer and tumors vanishing over night, a crippled toddler standing and walking, and my favorite – a hole in ones heart disappearing over a few days/ my daughter). Being responsible on earth doesn’t give you those things but God does.

Put God in your life and Keep God in it.

Live on earth as you are in God’s Kingdom.
Author: Delbert Anderson