My Referrals For You


Here is a list of my referrals (affiliates) and some are all across my website. I want to share the ones I love and maybe you will to.


How to use Ibotta app on your phone

How I made over $600 using Ibotta

I started using Ibotta since 3 years ago and still going. I love the app, I will not shop without it. Using iBotta has been such a blessing, saving money is a must in my house. I have saved over $600 since I joined. Maybe you aught to give the app a try. Use my link to signup today. Just for signing up, you will receive 10.00 as a sign on bonus which will be added after your first redemption. Click this link and have fun saving money. www.ibotta.com/ 


Want to start your own blogging website?

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How I started my blog

I think I can help you start your own blogging website. When I started I was very slow and willing to learn all I can to begin my story telling niche. Of all the searching I did, I found an awesome blogger who blogs about blogging. How to start your niche, your website, and just about everything you could think about in the blogging world. Her name is Suzi Whitford from "start a mom blog".

When I watched one of her videos on Facebook, it was about her and her little girl. Something about the video caught my attention. I continued to follow any time I have time. I soon noticed she had a blog, I looked at her blog and was immediately hooked. I even signed up for updates to be notified for any new posts. I watched her blog grow and I soon followed. I started my own blog and am having such a great time.

Suzi also has a youTube channel, she uploads all or most of her videos there. So anytime you missed a live video on Facebook, you could see it soon on her youTube channel. I love her work and will recommend her to anyone. So, go here to learn more about starting your own blog and remember to have fun. Be sure to sign up for email up dates here.



Shop-kick With Me During Your Shopping Days



Shop-kick is an app where you can collect points (kicks) and redeem the points for a gift-card for any store presented to you. I encourage my teens to use this app to earn free money. All you need to do is open the app and start scanning products.

Its a free money making app, very easy to use. Here, let me give you a code to use when signing up: SHOP902205 or use this link to download. 

I have redeemed well over $100 since I've started using the app. This is money in my pocket so to speak. The app helps me pay for items I could easily purchase for my kids using the redeemed gift-card. The only way to truly show you is to tell you to download the app, complete the sign up and start scanning.

HAPPY Scanning!




Join Swagbucks!


Swag Bucks is another way of making free money. Anyone could do this even a teenager. Today I redeemed my first 25 dollar kohls gift card. I'm so excited. Simply click the link below and get started.

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What's Online at Swagbucks.com

Restaurant Website

If you like buying gift cards for family, friends, and even perfect strangers. Restaurant.com is the place for you. Sometimes they offer rewards and many other deals. Check them out by clicking here. 



Just a few weeks ago I signed up for Graze and received a box full of goodies. My family and I really loved the selection I choose. Maybe you would like to try some Graze.

To signup go here and use this promo code: Lawanda6FB 

You will get the 1st and the 5th box FREE! Yay!