My Laundry Room Organization just for you


One day, as I was watching the Clutter Bug on YouTube, I felt inspired to start getting organized in small different areas of my house. Its not that my house is dirty, its just a huge clutter magnet. After visiting her site, I took the “What’s your organizing style” test she offered. I found out I’m a “Ladybug”.

I need to declutter my computer room (least that’s what we call it) and make it look more like an office. Right now, it looks like a storage room. Anything we don’t want but not through out into the trash can ends up in the computer room. We usually keep it for future yard-sale event or I list it on my eBay shop. But storing these things has become such a bothersome, especially now I want an office.

A place where I can get my creative juices flowing, work on my blog posts, create and edit videos for my YouTube channel, and get organized financially. I simply want a space of my own just like my husband does. He has his garage and all his toys in there. I surely want a nice organized place just for me and my brain.

Ok back to the laundry room

The first space I would love to share is the small laundry room in my hall way. I hated the way it looked, it needed some serious reorganizing, decluttering, and cleaning time.
So, I started searching on YouTube to see who has a laundry room like mine. Most of the videos I saw were where people have bigger and nicer laundry rooms. I couldn’t relate for some reason. I just needed to see the right video and finally, I did.

Her name is Tonya and the link to her channel. I love her video, it helped me so much. I basically did the same thing but the colors for my bins and baskets were blue. I chose blue because that was the color available at the dollar tree I went to.

Though I organized the space to look better and functioning better, I still am tweaking the space little by little to have better ways of accessing things.



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