My word of the year “Change”

Real Changes In Real Life


This year, my word of the year is “change”. I chose this word because that is what I received from the New Years Eve service at church.

Our pastor was led by God to do this one year and it has been about 4 years now. She goes into her room at church and begins to write small messages on each piece of paper. These messages are given by God. The number of pieces of paper depends on what God has in mind. All she does is follow Gods direction. Its amazing, you would only pick up what is for you. I love it. You simply would have a message for the entire year.

My note said “Well, well, well Yes, a good change for you”.

I have been wanting a change in our household for a long time. The change is not only one type of change but several in different areas of our lives. I know one area which needs a change, that’s in our spiritual lives. We need to read, study, and meditate on God’s word.

For some reason, reading Gods word is a challenge. Maybe it’s because the bible isn’t not just an ordinary book but a book that can help in all areas of our lives. Since I am wanting to do something about it, I want to challenge myself to read at-least one scripture every day for one month. If you would love to join me, you can. Simply go here.
Another change is my health, I really don’t have a whole lot of health problems, but I am experiencing some painful foot pains. I read on the internet that it could be Plantar Fasciitis. I try to take care of my foot by walking around the house with a rubber made slipper with thick soles. I also use soft house shoes. I get massages from my son and sometimes my hubby. Especially after work my foot would be very stingy. My co-workers say, your pain maybe caused by standing for long periods of time. Especially working as a cashier for 10 years. Or it simply my weight. Hmm!

My father always used to say, “lose weight because God made your whole body to handle a certain amount of weight, if you go over that, you will begin to experience health and physical issues”. I know I’m a bit over weight. I need to slimdown some. Maybe that’s the root cause of my foot pains. Could be!

Hmm another change is financial, I want to budget as much as possible. I am tired of not being able to buy this or that because I spent too much on something useless. I have started menu planning some time ago and its be great. Menu planning is part of my budget plans and will be continuing that journey.

What does “change” mean to you?

Change would take place in my home to, not just in personal lives. Such as decluttering, getting rid of things taking up space. Clothes I don’t wear anymore, and kitchen pans I don’t use at all. Basically, pulling out things that are not needed or are expired.

My office really needs a huge declutter and reorganizing system. By now you must think, “wow this lady is a mess”. And you are correct, I am literally sitting in a huge mess. A mess I created. I have a tendency of piling paper. I need to change my office and tackle paper clutter. Setup a system that will work for me so that my paper clutter is under control. I think I will use “Clutterbug” as a means for helping me declutter my home.

There are more changes to come in all areas of my life and I can share them in new posts to come.

  • My walk with God
  • My marriage
  • My website, channel, and business

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