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We, as Indigenous people stand united through our tribal individuality, symbolically wear our moccasins, honor our ancestors, and indigenous peoples worldwide, during Rock Your Mocs and National Native American Heritage Month


RYM was founded by Laguna Pueblo (2011) - Jessica “Jaylyn” Atsye (Laguna), who felt such pride wearing her moccasins. “Moccasins identify who I am, it has a lot of culture in them,” she comments. One day she hoped to wear her moccasins everywhere she goes. “Mocs go wherever we go.” “Mocs see whatever we see”. Jessica dedicated a little time and energy to create an event on Facebook for November 15th. She chose the 15th because the date was in the center of the month (at random). Her mother was in full support with the idea. With nothing holding her back, Jessica made it known to the world thru social media about “Rock Your Mocs”. Now the group has grown well over 21,000 per year since then.

“Mocs are a big part of our culture. For the Laguna Pueblo tribe, we wear deer or elk hide. For some, its moose hide”. Other tribes also use deer or elk hide in their culture as well, but wearing moccasins is a Native culture.

Being inspired while looking at her feet, Jessica realized her footwear connects her to other countless Native American Indigenous people. She moved on with the celebration of Native solidarity and began to put it in motion. She thought about how powerful it would be to know that people all over the world were all making the same small statement about their identity by wearing moccasins on the same day—people from many different tribal backgrounds and cultures who all shared pride in their Native heritage.

Event and more…

Rock Your Mocs is an event created to celebrate Native American Indigenous People across the United States. Everyone who is wearing their moccasins, takes a picture of themselves and post it on social media using the #RocYourMocs for everyone to see beautiful indigenous peoples.

In doing this a collaborative of photos is being created and shared by thousands of people.

Everyone can join simply by wearing your moccasins to school, work, and wherever your running errands. If you do not have any moccasins, you can wear a Turquouis awareness Ribbon or RockYourMocs t-shirt.

To make even easier, the event takes place where ever you are.

While promoting & celebrating tribal unity, RYM has simultaneously been creating awareness of National Native American Heritage Month and its origins. Additionally, RYM has inspired in ways beyond Jaylyn’s original idea. People have taken the initiative to organize other own events:

Here are a few:
o Moccasin making workshops
o Native American Powwow Round dances
o Photo walls
o Community “Fun” walk/run’s in their moccasins
o Group photos, photo collages, pet photos & photo’s in unique places
o Native American and Indigenous cultural awareness events
o Connecting youth and elder events
o Museums have created moccasin or Rock Your Mocs exhibits
o Videos
o Unique ideas including: RYM cakes, posters, miniature mocs for keychains/earrings and more
o Several Native American owned casino’s have a Rock Your Mocs Day
o Schools have a Rock Your Mocs or wear a Turquoise Ribbon day
o DIY T-shirts
o “Rock Your Mocs Day” at national conferences
o Calendars and Photo Wall photography shoots


In 2011, RYM was founded and initiated by Jessica “Jaylyn” Atsye of Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico U.S.A., 2012 Rock Your Mocs saw rapid awareness and participation as key national groups begin promoting, these groups included: Powwows.com, National Indian Gaming Association and National Congress of American Indians. Understanding that the Rock Your Mocs event momentum was more than she could handle alone, in 2013, Jaylyn approached and partnered with Melissa Sanchez (Acoma/Laguna Pueblos) and Emmett “Shkeme” Garcia (Santa Ana Pueblo) of Emergence Productions, which specializes in Native American & Indigenous Performing Arts and Youth Cultural Empowerment. Emergence Productions oversee’s Rock Your Moc’s event productions including but not limited too; yearly event program development, execution of this worldwide social media event, social media community management (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc), media and public relations and official custom art and graphics design. Emergence Productions, along with James Korenchen Public Relations were instrumental in Rock Your Mocs going “viral” globally in 2013 when the Associated Press covered the event. The global exposure boosted Native Pride, event growth, promotion and awareness. Together, Jaylyn and Melissa are working hard to expand this cultural empowerment initiative worldwide and hope Rock Your Mocs “will continue to reach even further worldwide and inspire cultural pride for Native Americans wherever they may be, as well as anyone who would just like to participate in a fun way of celebrating Indigenous & Native American Peoples and U.S.A.‘s National Native American Heritage Month -J.Atsye”

Hello, my name is LaWanda, I am a mother of two beautiful teenagers. I live in Phoenix, AZ under the hot sun. In Navajo Phoenix is called "Year round summer". I was born and raised in southern Utah. I love drinking iced coffees and sharing my thoughts, blessings, and much more.

Above all things, I am a child of the most high God and love to work in his spirit. I love beautiful things, places, and talents. Discovering what my native people are doing, sharing their stories and some of their home/ handmade items are just what I share in my spare time. Go over to "sharing my dineh favs" and have a look see. 



Naming my blog

My first journey into the blogging world. I am a lifestyle blogger who shares more than one thing. I love sharing, exploring, and trying new things. Butterfly Mom came about when I was trying to decide what to call my blog. I was out walking a long the trail when I saw a beautiful yellow butterfly fluttering near me. This butterfly had my favorite color on it, Yellow.

Its like a light bulb turned on, A butterfly goes everywhere, exploring, munching, and loves to be part of nature it lives in. Who loves to be busy, working by day, as for me being mom there after, then working on small projects.  Aside from that, I  have a two great dogs named Mo-joe and Gunner (read an update story about Gunner).  So you see, I'm everywhere like a butterfly. Viola! Butterfly Mom Blogger. 




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