Self-Care Mini bundle From Ultimate Bundles


I want to briefly let you know about the Self-care bundle from Ultimate Bundles. This bundles will assist you in taking steps to care for your self in order to care for members of your family. It has 10 resources to help you be recharged and ready for the next day.

Do remember the bundle is only for a limited time and its at a very low cost. Click here! to see more details about the mini bundle.



Hello, my name is LaWanda, I am a mother of two beautiful teenagers. I live in Phoenix, AZ under the hot sun. In Navajo Phoenix is called "Year round summer". I was born and raised in southern Utah. I love drinking iced coffees and sharing my thoughts, blessings, and much more.

Above all things, I am a child of the most high God and love to work in his spirit. I love beautiful things, places, and talents. Discovering what my native people are doing, sharing their stories and some of their home/ handmade items are just what I share in my spare time. Go over to "sharing my dineh favs" and have a look see. 



Naming my blog

My first journey into the blogging world. I am a lifestyle blogger who shares more than one thing. I love sharing, exploring, and trying new things. Butterfly Mom came about when I was trying to decide what to call my blog. I was out walking a long the trail when I saw a beautiful yellow butterfly fluttering near me. This butterfly had my favorite color on it, Yellow.

Its like a light bulb turned on, A butterfly goes everywhere, exploring, munching, and loves to be part of nature it lives in. Who loves to be busy, working by day, as for me being mom there after, then working on small projects.  Aside from that, I  have a two great dogs named Mo-joe and Gunner (read an update story about Gunner).  So you see, I'm everywhere like a butterfly. Viola! Butterfly Mom Blogger.